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Two And A Half Men S12E8

Clockwise in Back Hole until Tight - Aired Yesterday

Alan and Walden attempt to convince Louis that Santa Claus is real.


The Ellen DeGeneres Show S12E72

Allison Janney - Aired Yesterday

Ellen is joined on the show by Allison Janney


White Collar S6E6

Au Revoir - Aired Yesterday

In order to help Neal carry out a risky heist, Peter must involve himself in a dangerous con.


Hell's Kitchen (US) S13E15

4 Chefs Compete - Aired 2 Days Ago

The remaining chefs prepare a dinner service with a double elimination at the end of the show.


Survivor (US) S29E13

This Is My Time - The Winner is Announced! - Aired 2 Days Ago

This year's winner is revealed.


Degrassi: The Next Generation S14E8

Hush - Aired 3 Days Ago

An intervention is organized for Miles, but it only drives him farther away from Tristan. Meanwhile, Zoe confronts her suspected blackmailer; and Becky and Jonah's relationship may go beyond just writing songs together.



House Rules - Aired 3 Days Ago

The NCIS team consult with three cyber-terrorists they imprisoned after a citywide Internet shutdown the week before Christmas. Meanwhile, McGee reflects on the case and Gibbs' infamous rules as he writes a heartfelt letter t...


Ncis: Los Angeles S6E11

Humbug - Aired 4 Days Ago

The team investigates a burglary at a cyber-security company, but Callen must steer clear after Hetty reveals that his girlfriend, Joelle, is one of the lead witnesses. Also, the team discusses their personal holiday travel p...


Once Upon a Time S4E12

Heroes and Villains - Aired 5 Days Ago

In the aftermath of the Snow Queen's spell, our heroes try to pick up the pieces and Regina has to make a difficult choice. Hook's fate hangs in the balance as Gold's quest for power threatens everything he holds dear. And, i...


Homeland S4E11

Krieg Nicht Lieb - Aired 5 Days Ago

Carrie puts her life on the line in order to extract her team from Pakistan.


The Mentalist S7E3

Orange Blossom Ice Cream - Aired 5 Days Ago

Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane's familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her pas...

Latest Comments

TV Shows>Xena: Warrior Princess>Season 02>Episode 8: Ten Little Warlords(2)
catlady66User Rating:
laughed so much=)) =)) =)) =)) when gabriel went u have 4 seconds to then when she realised she couldnt do what zena does she belted him one lol
TV Shows>Jericho>Season 01>Episode 8: Rogue River
dreamvisitorUser Rating:
they got the meds..YAY
TV Shows>The 100>Season 02>Episode 8: Spacewalker
catlady66User Rating:
noooooooooooo not finn:(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :(( :((
TV Shows>The 100>Season 02>Episode 8: Spacewalker
catlady66User Rating:
fantastic show:-bd :-bd
TV Shows>Jericho>Season 01>Episode 7: Long Live The Mayor
dreamvisitorUser Rating:
That store was completely restocked with goods that were not even hers and now she is virtually robbing the town with it
TV Shows>Xena: Warrior Princess>Season 02>Episode 10: The Xena Scrolls
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd great show
TV Shows>Xena: Warrior Princess>Season 02>Episode 9: A Solstice Carol
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd great show
TV Shows>Xena: Warrior Princess>Season 02>Episode 8: Ten Little Warlords(2)
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd great show
TV Shows>Xena: Warrior Princess>Season 02>Episode 7: Intimate Stranger (1)
catlady66User Rating:
great show
:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
Movies>Stonehearst Asylum
winchesterwheelUser Rating:
This was really good, much better than I expected it to be - and yes the twist at the end was most unexpected.

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