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Dragon Ball Z

The ultimate uncut special edition of Dragon Ball Z, now digitally remastered to high definition from the original Japanese film! Dragon Ball Z is the second Read more

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5star | on Dragon Ball Z | at 02:48 PST, Dec 22, 2011

“Dragon Ball Z” is an amazing animation series which has been created by Japanese. The story of the show has been inspired from a Chinese novel. The characters are all very well etched and add depth to the superb plot. The show is full of adventure from the word go. The adventures of Goku in finding the location of the seven dragon balls are very well told. The action sequences are very well handled and offer something new to the viewers. The viewers can expect the unexpected as the characters use magical powers against each other. The show brings out the good traits that are essential to win any battle like bravery and courage. The way Goku keeps on reinventing himself to learn new techniques is a study for the human being who must aspire to get better and better as he moves on in life. Watch the show for some amazing action.

5star | on Dragon Ball Z | at 02:48 PST, Dec 22, 2011

“Dragon Ball Z” is brilliant animation show which showcases the life of Goku which is full of action and adventure. The show takes the viewers to another world altogether which is filled with both negative as well as positive forces, there is also magic filled in the show as the characters use various magical techniques in their combat. The storyline is about the seven dragon balls which have to be collected to summon a magical dragon. This dragon can grant three wishes to the person who holds all the seven balls. Goku tries to get to the balls but has to fight with the enemies who he meets on his way. The viewers will particularly enjoy the various martial arts techniques that are used by Goku in fighting with his enemies. The magical powers used by the characters are very innovative and have never been seen before. The adventure in the show arises at every step and the action sequences start at every turn. The viewers are hooked on to the show because of the thrills that it offers to them. All in all the show is must watch for the lovers of animation and it has something different to offer. Gillian

5star | on Dragon Ball Z | at 02:47 PST, Dec 22, 2011

“Dragon Ball Z” is an animation show created by Akira Toriyama of Japan. It captures the spirit of adventure by telling the action filled story of Goku. This boy receives training from childhood so that he can get the seven magical dragon balls. These balls can be used to summon a dragon which has the power to grant wishes. The story of Goku is written in an interesting manner with some powerful characters that support him. As Goku tries to get to the dragon balls he has to face several enemies on his way. The way Goku uses his training in martial arts top overcome his enemies is worth watching as these action sequences are full of thrill. The villains are brilliantly characterized and different from each other. The challenges posed before Goku by these enemies are therefore varied in nature and the viewers find it entertaining to watch new techniques of martial arts used by Goku in overcoming his enemies. The show keeps on moving without getting boring as the main character Goku keeps on learning and reinventing himself to take on the armies of his enemies. The other characters that support him are also very well etched. The show pleases the viewers as it emphasizes on the wonderful qualities of friendship and bravery. The show also brings home the lesson to the viewers that hard work coupled with perseverance can make them win any battle. For its powerful action and gripping storyline, the show is a must watch for people of all age groups.

5star | on Dragon Ball Z | at 02:46 PST, Dec 22, 2011

“Dragon Ball Z” is a show full of adventure and action. It is an animation show which has Japanese characters as it has been created in Japan by Akira Toriyama. The show shows the adventures of a boy named Goku as he sets out to gather all the seven dragon balls which have the power to summon a dragon. This dragon can grant wishes to anyone who gathers the dragon balls. The nicely done animation is full of surprises and thrills. The magical powers used by the enemies of Goku against him take the viewers by surprise. But the courage and bravery of Goku coupled with his strict martial arts training makes him win against the deadly enemies. The show is a huge hit among the viewers because of its powerful storyline. The characterization of the main characters is brilliantly done and Goku emerges as a life like character in the show. Owing to its huge popularity the show also has been adapted in various countries by different names. The philosophy of friendship, struggle and bravery is well outlined in the show. The protagonist tries hard to win despite the harsh situations. He also keeps on continuously improving himself to take on his powerful enemies. The process of life after death is shown in the show which makes it all the more interesting. The adventures of Goku keep changing in nature and his enemies go on getting more dangerous as the show moves forward, keeping the interest of the viewers alive till the very end. The show teaches the viewers to have perseverance along with the hard work undertaken by them and with this quality they can achieve success in any field. The show is a must watch for its powerful action sequences and amazing characters which take your heart away.

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