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Boy Meets World

This gentle yet mildly surreal sitcom was part of ABC's "TGIF" lineup aimed at pre-teens and early teens. Its tenure lasted from 1993 through its end in 2000. Read more

Adam Scott of Boy Meets World Apears at Sundance Film Festival

On Boy Meets World | by Lilia Crittendon | at 12:00 PST, Feb 16, 2012

Ben Savage, known for playing the character Cory Matthews on the TV Series Boy Meets World is starring in the upcoming film Lake Effects. The romance family drama film has been completed, but release dates have yet to be announced. If you can't wait for Savage's forthcoming appearance, be sure to watch Boy Meets World online for some good old school laughs on the tube.  Adam Scott who plays Griffin 'Griff' Heavens on Boy Meets World is currently... Read more

exceed | on Boy Meets World | at 02:27 PST, Dec 22, 2011

The TV show “Boy Meet World” is an interesting show showcasing the life of adolescent children and the different kinds of issues that bother them. Corey Mathews is an adolescent who studies in the high school. He has to go through all the problems that children of his ager usually go through. The various characters that are involved with him take the story forward. Shawn is the friend of Corey who is with him in his happy and sad moments. Their classmate Topanga as also portrayed as a realistic girl. The principal, Mr. Fenny is able to create an atmosphere of terror among the students. Thus the variety of characters exhibit close to real life situation that children often find them into. The show is particularly special for children as it mirrors their life and shows the right way to deal with different problems which often vary in degree but are of the same kind.

exceed | on Boy Meets World | at 02:25 PST, Dec 22, 2011

Corey Matthews takes us into the world of adolescent children in the show “Boy Meet World”. He is the prime character of the play whose life is traced by the show to include various happenings and events that shape his character. The show is very well written and is theme based. The core issue of adolescence is highlighted through the show which never gets boring despite the preachy tone. The surroundings of Corey filled with some interesting characters make the show appear close to real life. It appears as if the viewers are having an insight on a real person going through real problems. The issues like girls, infatuation, and pressure of studies and parental pressures are effectively dealt with in the show. The children will particularly like it as it portrays their life from their point of view. The parents can also benefit a lot as the show will teach them methods to tackle the children in their growing up years. Through the show does get filled with some adult material as Corey gets transformed into an adult in the later stages of the show, yet the show remains a must watch for adolescent children as well as their parents.

exceed | on Boy Meets World | at 02:21 PST, Dec 22, 2011

Boy meet World” is a show based on the life of a fictional character whose name is Corey Mathews. This boy studies in the high school and the show shows the world from his side. He is an adolescent and has a friend named Shawn. The show captures the life of Corey as he tries to cope with the pressures of school life and personal life as well. The show depicts the children’s world in a mature way. It takes up various issues that affect the day to day life of the adolescents and addresses them in an effective manner. The way in which Corey’s relationship with Topanga develops, will find many young boys identifying with him. The show not only puts questions on the various issues that demand right or wrong as an answer but also provides a solution to those questions. The phobias faced by the young boys and girls as well as the role of their parents in their mental development are carefully highlighted. The show slowly slips from being a show concerning adolescent to the one concerning adults as Corey enters adulthood. The issues change drastically and sex and drugs become the main issues. It is important that the parents maintain a guidance over children of young age as these matters may be out of purview for them. So, the show is based on an interesting storyline and it is very effective in portraying the lives of the young people and the way to go about it.

exceed | on Boy Meets World | at 02:21 PST, Dec 22, 2011

The show “Boy Meet World” is a show that showcases the life of the adolescent children perfectly. It focuses on their problems and shows the world from their point of view. Cory’s life in high school shows what many boys and girls of his age go through. The show is thus close to reality and portrays the character of Corey in a believable and effective manner. Parents can also identify with the children through this amazing show and try to understand the various issues that their children have to deal with. Through the life of Corey the show touches upon every topic that a child of his age may come across. The show is interesting without being preachy and therefore manages to win the hearts of children and parents alike. Since the show traces the life of Corey and he grows up from being a naïve boy to a more responsible fellow, the children can have an idea of what to expect from their future through the life of Corey. Parental guidance will be required in the later stages of the show when Corey turns into an adult and the show focuses on adult issues like sex, drugs, etc. It is necessary that the parents regulate the watching of the show depending upon the age of the children who are watching this show. Overall, the show is quite interesting and is a lesson for the children as well as their parents. The realistic issues dealt with in this show provide relevant information to children who are going through the same stage in their lives. The parents too can learn and mark some important points as to how to handle their children so that they ultimately are able to cross these important years with ease and are able to carve a path for themselves in an honest and practical way.

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