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Didn't know the world of high school glee clubs was tough? Fox is set to expose all the drama and intensity in a one-hour comedy musical from Nip/Tuck creator Read more

Glee Resumes 3rd Season this April

On Glee | by Lonnie Getman | at 12:00 PDT, Mar 30, 2012

The competitive and dramatic world of Glee resumes its 3rd season this April with the episode titled Big Brother. Members of the Glee cast are also set to make appearances in many upcoming films you may want to catch, but if you can't wait to recap your favourite episodes and characters before the season resumes, you can always watch Glee online. Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on the TV series Glee is set to star in the film Dorothy of Oz in which she... Read more

zombie101 | on Glee | at 02:19 PST, Dec 27, 2011

High school can be a life changing experience. It is that time of your life when you are discovering yourself. The television series Glee revolves around high school kids or particularly their music club by the name of ‘New Directions’. Problems for the club not only come from outside (like Sue) but from its own members as well as most of them are not very keen to make the Glee Club successful and victorious. Will has taken to the task of making glee club glorious and he is not going to back out. The script is great and so is the concept. The actors play their part brilliantly. They will make you laugh, make you cry and will certainly make you fall in love with them. There is nothing about Glee club which would not make it the great show it is. So if you are looking forward to some refreshing entertainment them certainly Glee club is your thing

zombie101 | on Glee | at 02:18 PST, Dec 27, 2011

If you love good music and if you love comedy, you are bound to love Glee as it is the combination of music and comedy, a bit of drama, romance and more. It basically deals with this high school music club known as Glee club in its former days but with the new in charge, came the new name New Directions. Will is a good guy who means no harm but don’t think he is weak, for when it comes to protecting his glee club he can face anything. A club such as the glee club is not very appealing to the high school kids and a lot of hard work is needed to bring in club members as well as teaching them the value of team work. The show has been here for around 3 years (or less) but that was all it needed to become popular. Their favorite songs being redone in the style of New Directions was really appreciated by the viewers. The show to some extent truly portrays all that what a high school teen has to go through. Hence it is close to reality and the audience can connect to it. The Glee craze is not going to die out soon

zombie101 | on Glee | at 02:16 PST, Dec 27, 2011

Glee is a famous series about how a choir club, with the help of a determined teacher Will, tries to make a place for itself when all those around it (even some of the members of the club) think the club to be nerdy and uncool. Whether they accept the fact or not but it’s a truth that Glee Club helps its members to grow up in more than one ways. The concept is different, it is not anything like your regular television series and also the characters are pretty interesting. It has all the factors which are necessary to make a good television series.

Guest | on Glee | at 11:53 PST, Dec 09, 2011

Rachel suspended from Sectionals, New Directions must figure out a game plan quickly if they want to beat their McKinley High competition, The Trouble Tones. To do so, Finn sets out to bring one blonde haired, former “Bieber Experience” leader back into the mix. But Sam’s return creates plenty of waves in the already turbulent waters of McKinley High

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