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Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started Read more

Growing into a Superhero

On Smallville | by Lilia Crittendon | at 12:00 PST, Feb 16, 2012

Though you'd never know it from reading their comic books, superheroes have upbringings just like the rest of us. Sure, it's not likely they got picked on in school but maybe there was something awkward about their teenage years. Maybe not. So what was it like for a young Clark Kent before he grew into Superman? Watch Smallville online and find out. TV Series Smallville ran strong for 10 seasons between 2001 and 2011, and viewers saw Clark (Tom Welling)... Read more

Guest | on Smallville | at 04:26 PST, Dec 30, 2011

This show reveals the action packed stories of superman as clark kent in his teenage years and what it meant to be superman. He is found in johnathan and martha kents cornfield and they raised him from there. They have always been very suppotive of him even though he loses his father and goes throgh basic HELL he never loses soght of his real objective to protect and ultimently save the world!!!!!!!!!!!

johnnash | on Smallville | at 02:31 PST, Dec 27, 2011

When I earlier heard the concept of this show ‘Smallville’, I thought it to be the dumbest concept ever. As I mean who wishes to see Superman as a teen!!! Bring something fascinating… Well after watching it, I can say it was hell good. It has been a long time since I have been glued to the TV screen and waiting fretfully to see what will happen next. The reason for the success of this show is the acting talents possesses by the cast. Superman is a very well-known household name. Superman is a permanent pop culture idol, like Batman. When I watched this show, I already knew these characters as it was so simple to get into this show. The WB must have raked in big moolah for this show because for TV the special effects were amazing. Everything about this show is pure gold. I just all my friends to watch this daily dose of fun deal.

johnnash | on Smallville | at 02:30 PST, Dec 27, 2011

I found this show quite dull and boring. I like the characters of Clark and Lana as other characters of the show are just a lackluster. I don’t find them really acting. It seems that each episode the characters are effected by some strange fiend making them act a certain way! Another very funny thing skipped by the creators of the show was that how long can a person stay in high school?? The group has been in the high school for 5 seasons!! Clark needs to stop drooling over Lana and MOVE ON… Do you know Tom who plays the role of Clark Kent is 28 years old. Come on dude it’s time for him to get out of high school!!!! Show something practicable.

johnnash | on Smallville | at 02:29 PST, Dec 27, 2011

To be perfectly honest I was never that interested in Smallville when it was first airing but after I caught a promo for the finale I was curious about the show and decided to check the first season out of my local library to see what it was like. Once I started watching the show I couldn't stop watching it, it was frigging addictive! I then proceeded to watch all nine seasons on DVD one after the other until my brain was on overload! While the writing and acting wasn't always the best for every season the show was still extremely fun and entertaining TV and very watchable. I will definitely be adding this show to my DVD collection!

johnnash | on Smallville | at 02:29 PST, Dec 27, 2011

This show is somewhat similar to the theme of superman. Tom Welling played an outstanding role of Clark Kent very well. He was a great choice for this character and Tom does Clark justice. There is a lot of action and superpowers being used. I just love it. There are lots of characters to like or hate. I am a big fan of Smallville and Superman. This show would have had a 10 but I have to be honest. The only problems I had with the show are sometimes the show can lose its tone. The seasons are very different. Some seasons are good and others are bad. The show is good fun to watch. The acting is really good and I love the story of Clark Kent. I will suggest all you to watch this show.

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