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Stargate Atlantis

A secret group of scientists have discovered the location of the famous lost city of Atlantis, but it's not on Earth. It's located in another galaxy Read more

Jumping Across Space and Time

On Stargate Atlantis | by Lilia Crittendon | at 12:00 PST, Feb 22, 2012

Many have gone to great efforts to find the lost city of Atlantis, probing the depths of the oceans in the hopes of one day proving it to more than a myth. Turns out no one either could or would search the depths beneath the Antarctic pole, but that's exactly where the Atlantis is discovered in TV series Stargate Atlantis. Lt. Colonel Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and his crew use the Stargate to travel back to the time when Atlantis was located on the... Read more

5star | on Stargate Atlantis | at 02:35 PST, Dec 27, 2011

Earlier came the movie on Stargate which done the exceptional business on the big screen. Then came Stargate SG-1, an extremely well made sci-fi series but not quite as awesome as the original one. Then now here comes the Stargate Atlantis which is quite a good series in its own right fell just a little bit short of Stargate SG-1. I am not at all complaining about the show rather sharing my opinion with everyone here. It's a fact when you make a remake or sequel of anything, its quality keeps on fading and dropping. The show is not that bad, it’s good to pass the time.

5star | on Stargate Atlantis | at 02:34 PST, Dec 27, 2011

I was a big fan of SG-1 and I was really looking forward towards its replica in form of ‘Stargate Atlantis’. But it was damn disappointing. One side ‘SG-1’ was blessed with good actors and interesting stories, the other side ‘Stargate Atlantis’ has poor plots and annoying actors. This show totally lacks charm, funniness and integrity. The weird aliens, the loud action sequences and the hard female character didn't attract me at all. I have no reason to continue watching this stupid show.

5star | on Stargate Atlantis | at 02:34 PST, Dec 27, 2011

I thoroughly enjoy the treat of this show. I request the producers of the show to please keep it going. There is so much comedy, twists/turns, sci-fi effects and drama that makes a masterpiece. My favorite character is Dr. Carson Beckett and also Rodney McKay, Shepard, Teyla, Ronan, Elizabeth and Zalenka. I just can’t wait to see their adventure and discoveries. The show is so intelligently written and executed. My favorite episodes were Progeny and Sateda from third season.

5star | on Stargate Atlantis | at 02:33 PST, Dec 27, 2011

Oh Man!!! I am totally pissed off as I think I have waited long enough for a new episode as I am losing my patience and eventually I need to take it off my favorite list. I watch the show truly and keep looking for the new episode. Rodney McKay is my favorite character. He is the main reason I watch Atlantis not to mention Lt. Colonel Sheppard. Now why is it we have to wait so long for the next interlude. I can't wait to see what’s in store for the Atlantis team.

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