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Stargate Sg1

This sequel to the 1994 movie Stargate chronicles the further adventures of SGC (Stargate Command). It turned out that the Goa'uld Ra was only one of many Read more

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On Stargate Sg1 | by Javier Lords | at 12:00 PST, Feb 22, 2012

Most people have no desire to return to work once they've made the decision to retire. But for Colonel Jack O'Neill on TV series Stargate SG-1, it would seem that the allure of time travel, advanced ancient technologies, and thwarting alien plans to use and abuse the human race is too much to resist. He takes the lead of the newly created special Air Force unit, SG-1, as they explore further the unknowns that exist beyond the Stargates.Stargatge SG-1 ran... Read more

shane001 | on Stargate Sg1 | at 02:38 PST, Dec 27, 2011

Oh man!! This is an incredible show… To fall in love with this show you have many reasons like the efficiency of cast, dialogues, acting, suspense, thrill, adventure, comedy, drama and last but not the least sci-fi effects. The show has all those elements that are enough to expose you to this show :-) :-). There are so many people out there that label SciFi fans as geek and bore without even watching the same. Stargate SG-1 is so brilliant and catchy that can attract anyone towards it.

shane001 | on Stargate Sg1 | at 02:37 PST, Dec 27, 2011

There is no other opinion in tagging this show as the best science fiction show in the history of television. This show is quite similar to Star Trek, The X-Files and Sliders. It mix all the elements together in a more unique and pragmatic way. The show is action packed with first rate special effects. The story lines are mostly original and the ones that aren't have just enough of a unique spin on it to make them worth it. The acting on the show is just ace. The dialogues written and given to each of the actors is just fantabulous. All the characters in the show have played an outstanding job. Each character a perfect and appealing attitudes and back story. The playful wit between each of the characters is always amusing and portrays an authentic sense of acquaintance with each other. There are elements of comedy in the show where characters and even writers poke fun at themselves. The show is about the intelligence, suspense and thrill.

shane001 | on Stargate Sg1 | at 02:35 PST, Dec 27, 2011

This is surely a bravura program that depicts the example of imagination and professionalism. The director, cast, crew and screenwriters all work to the best of their abilities. The first series was quite similar to 'Star Trek' and it is just a recycling of the same story types. The cast has done a stupendous job. Richard Dean Anderson is excellent as the cynical soldier. Michael Shanks plays the James Spader, Christopher Judge is implausible as Teal'c and Amanda Tapping is possibly the best among the lot. The show looks fantastic, the special effects are great and look expensive but no show can survive on SFX alone and fortunately the screenwriting crew keeps the stories exciting and thought-provoking. The presence of many different story arcs is a great achievement. All in all it is a brilliant show.

shane001 | on Stargate Sg1 | at 02:35 PST, Dec 27, 2011

I found this show to be a spectacular treat. A great strength is that it doesn't get itself involved in so much of the special effects. Many of the viewers compare it to the show of ‘Star Trek’ but where a lot of Star Trek plots fail this succeeds. This series can bring dozen of things in one way or the other. The actors deserve their share of congrats on the good performances shown and the writers for bringing the inventive story lines. Some may be cast-off or be similar to other movies/shows of the past but they put a special original and unique twist on them that makes it even better. Certainly it is a 'MUST SEE' show.

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