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Thats So Raven

The teen comedy hit stars Raven as Raven Baxter, an eccentric and offbeat teenager who has the ability to foresee flashes of the future. Co-Starring Read more

Funny Foretelling

On Thats So Raven | by Ted Stanhope | at 12:00 PDT, Mar 15, 2012

There's never any shortage of individuals who will claim to have psychic abilities if you give them the chance to do so. More often than not they're about as reliable in that sense as foretelling 8-balls that still make appearances from time to time. On the TV series That's So Raven, however, Raven Baxter does have some ability to see the future and although it's far from reliable it does make for some entertaining story lines. That's So Raven made its... Read more

5star | on Thats So Raven | at 02:44 PST, Dec 27, 2011

That's So Raven’ is definitely one of the best kids TV show that Disney has produced. The show stars Raven Simone, who plays a character named Raven Baxter. She is a typical teenager who can see the future and because of this ability she finds herself entangled in wild and crazy situations. The mess includes her family members; mother Tanya, father Victor and her younger brother, Cory and her two best friends, Chelsea and Eddie. At the end of every episode, all the characters learn something new about each other and themselves. Anneliese Van Der Pol has performed really well as Chelsea. On the other hand, Raven Simone has a very good comic timing and dresses up very well as various characters. Not many child actors have good acting capabilities but Raven is good.

5star | on Thats So Raven | at 02:43 PST, Dec 27, 2011

I really like watching this show and it is really funny. The show is about a kid named Raven Baxter and her best friends Chelsea and Eddie. I really could not stop laughing during one of the episodes when Raven's party suddenly got transformed to a completely different day all because of a school bully named Nikki. Raven even managed to change her hair with a leaf blower with the help of her friend. They even get her wet with the sprinklers and give her a towel that had icing on it. Eddie gets a video recorder to show the video to her guests. In one of the other episodes, Raven got involved with some new friends leaving Eddie and Chelsea out. Then there was an episode where a school president had to be chosen and Raven was eager to be the one. I can go on listing the number of episodes I enjoyed; the list is endless.

5star | on Thats So Raven | at 02:43 PST, Dec 27, 2011

The show “That’s So Raven”, is basically the story of a teen psychic named Raven Baxter (Raven Symone). She has the ability to see the future but is not always able to see what’s going to happen next. Raven has two best friends named Eddie Thomas(Orlando Brown) and Chelsea Daniels(Anneliesa van Der Pol). Chelsea is kind and fun-loving; though stupid sometimes. On the other hand, Eddie is Raven's rapping, funny friend. He plays basketball and has a girlfriend named Shantel. Raven's family behaves in a strange manner some times. Her dad, Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) is the owner of a restaurant named “The Chill Grill”. He is a very good chef and a funny dad. Raven's mom, Tonya Baxter (TKeyah Crystal Keymah) is a bit strict but fair mother.

5star | on Thats So Raven | at 02:42 PST, Dec 27, 2011

A Disney Channel production is definitely something to look forward to. “That’s So Raven” exactly proved this and the show always makes me smile. What I like the most about Raven-Symone is her knack for physical comedy. She does not have any inhibitions and can make herself look ridiculous so as to make people laugh. I love the premise of this show where a young psychic has incomplete visions, but acts on them anyway, without realizing the actual result of her actions. The writing is pretty good but is inspired sometimes. I remember a particular scene where Raven had a vision of a parachutist crashing through one of the school windows. After this, she and her friend quickly get there to bring in a story for the school newspaper. And then the parachutist actually crashes down he enquires Raven about whether he actually knew this is going to happen. I though the whole scene was enacted cleverly.

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