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The Bachelor

The Bachelor will get to know the 25 women in a series of fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw emotions. Along the way he must follow a Read more

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zombie101 | on The Bachelor | at 01:26 PST, Dec 22, 2011

The TV show “The Bachelor” is a reality show which promises to offer loads of entertainment to the viewers. The fact that everything happens in a real situation makes it full of fun and mystery. The ups and downs of the show are not created by any script .Rather they get created o their own as the participants go through real problems. The bachelor is the main person in the show and he has to decide on his ultimate date from among twenty five lovely ladies. The format of the show is the main attraction and it is divided into several stages , each more exciting than the other. The rose ceremony at the start of the show and the subsequent dates of the bachelor with different participants help in maintaining the excitement level of the viewers. The real emotions and feelings of all the participants come out before the viewers and the viewers fall in love with them. This makes a bond between them and their favorite participants which goes on till the end of the show.

zombie101 | on The Bachelor | at 01:25 PST, Dec 22, 2011

The TV show “The Bachelor”, hosted by Chris Harrison, captures the decision making process of a n eligible bachelor who has to choose his favorite girl from among twenty five girls who appear as contestants on the show. The show is reality based and herein lays its appeal. Nothing is made up. Whatever happens is before the eyes of the viewers. The fact that romance is the core feelings of the show make it all the more exciting and fun to watch. The beautiful ladies put their best foot forward and make use of every trick to impress the bachelor. The viewers also decide on their own personal favorites from among the ladies, along with the bachelor. The bachelor appears to be the king but he has a tough time deciding from among the beautiful ladies. The amazing background score coupled with exotic locations make the show full of romance and suspense. The excitement level of the viewers rises with each episode as the competition starts to narrow down. But it reaches its zenith in the last episode when the bachelor makes his final choice. Thus the show starts with fun and ends with romantic emotions and therefore it is a must watch.

zombie101 | on The Bachelor | at 01:25 PST, Dec 22, 2011

In the TV show “The Bachelor”, the real life situations and exciting concept entertain the viewers in very good way. An eligible bachelor is chosen as the person who gets to meet twenty five ladies amongst whom he has to finally choose the lady of his dreams. The format of the show which is divided into many stages makes it more exciting. The various rounds of elimination are watched by the viewers with excitement as they keep guessing who will get eliminated in that round. The show also helps the viewers in understanding the personality and nature of each of the ladies and they too become involved in the show and try making a choice for the bachelor. This involvement keeps them praying for their favorite contestant. Thus the show enables the viewers to have a contact with the emotions of the contestants. The various rounds like the rose round and the date rounds, keep up the level of entertainment. The viewers get sneak peek into the private conversation of the bachelor with the ladies and this gives them a high. The final rounds of the show just keep on getting better and better as only few ladies are left. The life like situation created through the display of emotions of the bachelor and the contestants makes for an excellent viewing. Watch the show for its romantic feel coupled with an emotional touch. You are bound to be hooked to the show and the excitement will increase with every passing episode.

zombie101 | on The Bachelor | at 01:24 PST, Dec 22, 2011

“The Bachelor” is an exciting TV show which is full of twists. This reality TV show has a bachelor who has to choose his perfect lady from among many ladies who appear as contestants on the show. The format of the show is fixed and it makes the show all the more exciting. With twenty five ladies gathered in a single place, there is huge scope for entertainment for the viewers and feelings like jealousy and hatred surface which sometimes ends in catfights. The bachelor is the king of the show. He is a desirable man and the ladies try to impress him in different ways. All these real things take the show to a different level altogether. The viewers also make their own choices along with the bachelor. It is exciting for them to see if the lady chosen by them makes it to the next round or not. There is plenty of romance in the show as the bachelor dates the ladies to know them in a better way. The dates in which two ladies are present is all the more exciting as the two try to side line each other and impress the bachelor. The twists and turns in the show occur frequently as the bachelor narrows down the number of ladies with the advancement of the show. This keeps the viewers hooked on to the show in every episode. The final rounds of the show get really tough and the dating scene becomes quite intense. The bachelor visits the family of the last four ladies and spends romantic moments with them. So the viewers keep on guessing the name of the last lady as Bachelor holds the suspense till the very last moment. And when the bachelor finally proposes to the final lady, the excitement meets with a befitting end.

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