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How to add a trailer source to a video?

As you probably have noticed, all videos can have two types of sources: Full Links and Trailers! You can see a full list of supporting websites over here. This guide will show you how a trailer can be added to an existing video. See the section below to learn how you can add a trailer to a new video. It is recommended that you read this entire guide whether you want to add a trailer to a new or existing video. To add a trailer to an existing video, you must click on the "Trailer" tab when you select the "Add a source to this video" option in the watch page. Then, you will see a field where you can add your trailer link. There are two types of trailers that you can add:

Trailers can only consist of 1 part. Also, You cannot add a trailer and a full link both at the same time.

Adding Trailers to New Videos (Upcoming Movies/Videos)

If you want to upload a new video with just a trailer (instead of a full source), you need to make sure that your video is an Upcoming video. In this case, you need to find the section where it says "Click here if you are uploading a trailer link!" in the upload page and then check the box that says "This source is a trailer for an upcoming video.". This process will ensure that your newly uploaded video will be recognized as an upcoming video with a valid trailer.

Trailer Application

MotionEmpire has a goal of attaching a trailer to ALL movies it has in its database. This includes the videos in the following channels: Movies, Asian Movies and Bollywood Movies. For these channels it is possible for find 99% of all trailers. Users that are level 4 or higher can use the Trailer Application to browse all the movies in these three channels that do not have a trailer and try to find/add a trailer via the official website or youtube.

Now you may ask your self what is the benefit of having access to the Trailer Application? Well the answer is simple: Finding trailers on youtube or the official movie website is incredibly easy (in most cases) and it can increase the speed at which you accumulate points! All you have to do is to click on the "Search for a YouTube Trailer" button and select the appropriate trailer that appears in the search results of YouTube.

MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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