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Uploading video images guide: Qualities & Restrictions

The images that are uploaded on MotionEmpire must meet some requirements in order to be accepted. This guide will show you which images are suitable and which ones are not with some clear examples. Also, you will learn how to upload images and where you can find them from. Video images are divided into two general categories:

Movies, Documentaries, Bollywood Movies, Asian Movies: These images should be a clear poster of the movie. It can always be found either from searching google images or Every produced movie has a wallpaper and that is what MotionEmpire is looking for.

Tv-Shows, Animation Shows, Commercials, Sports, Fun-Tv: finding these image is a bit different from movie posters. TV-Show/Animation episodes do not have posters, so the image that we are looking for is the snap-shot of the episode of the show that you are about to upload. You first need to look in and to see if the episode has a special high-quality image. If no image was found, then you can search a third party website like youtube to find an image. For example, if you are looking for south park's season 12 episode 8 image, just type in "south park season 12 episode 8" in youtube and then right click on a proper image (in this case the 2nd image) and select properties to find the image location (in this case it would be and copy that into our system.

Here are some inappropriate image examples:

No Wallpaper images for TV-Show Episodes
When you are uploading an image for a tv-show/animation episode, make sure it is a snap shot of the episode and not the wallpaper of the show. It should be an image of the characters of the tv-show as if the image was taken from the middle of the episode itself. See the appropriate image section below for some examples.
No writings in the image for TV-Show Episodes
When you find the image from third party websites like youtube, sometimes the image will have a writing in it. These images are not acceptable. You should keep searching until you find an image that is clear with no text anywhere in it.
No Duplicate Images for TV-Show Episodes
When you are uploading images for a show from third party websites, you may use episode snap-shots that are not exactly from the episode that you are about to upload. As long as you do not upload duplicate images for two episodes in one season, your images will be acceptable.
No logos in the image for TV-Show Episodes
Sometimes when you upload an image from third party websites (specially Tudou), a logo will come along with the image. You need to make sure you find a clear image without any logos.
No black/white border lines in the image
Some images may have black/white border lines which will make them inappropriate. Border lines are only acceptable if they are thin black lines at the top and bottom of a TV-Show/Animation episode image AND if you do not have any other choices for the image.
No CD-Box images for Movies
Sometimes when you grab the image from IMDB, it is an image of a CD Box of the movie. These images are not acceptable. You must search Google/ to find an appropriate image that does not have any white space on the sides.

On top of the above restrictions, ALL uploaded images must be completely clear and they must not contain any pornogrophy scenes.

Here are some appropriate image examples for movies/documentaires (top) and TV-Show/Animation episodes (bottom):

MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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