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What are this month's prizes for the top 100 users?

At the beginning of every month, the MotionEmpire Top User leaderboard will be set to zero to enable all users, including the newly registered ones, to start a fair competition. Each month will award its own prizes to the top 100 users. Since we did not want to force the users into accepting a certain prize like an iPod or T-Shirt, we created MotionEmpire dollars and MotionEmpire Gift-Shop where users can spend their winnings in whatever way they like! From cars to electronic devices, you can buy a wide range of products with your MotionEmpire dollars.

In order to be fair to the users who work a bit harder than others, we have divided the monthly top 100 prize into two segments:

Part 1: Fixed Prize which currently stands at $400.00 per month for the users competing for February 2017
Part 2: Variable Prize which currently stands at $200.00 per month for the users competing for February 2017

Fixed Prize: It will be divided among the top 100 users based on their finishing rank. Here are the current percentages that will determine how this month's $400.00 will be divided:

Finishing Position Percent Prize Actual Prize based on February 2017 fixed prize of $400.00
1 20.00% $80.00
2 12.50% $50.00
3 9.00% $36.00
4 7.00% $28.00
5 6.00% $24.00
6 5.00% $20.00
7 3.90% $15.60
8 3.00% $12.00
9 2.30% $9.20
10 - 19 1.00% each $4.00 each
20 - 29 0.60% each $2.40 each
30 - 39 0.35% each $1.40 each
40 - 49 0.28% each $1.12 each
50 - 59 0.25% each $1.00 each
60 - 69 0.21% each $0.84 each
70 - 79 0.18% each $0.72 each
80 - 89 0.15% each $0.60 each
90 - 100 0.10% each $0.40 each

Variable Prize: This prize has been added to the prize pool to honor those who work extra hard in the community. It will be divided among the top 100 users based on their achieved points. The formula used to determine how each month's variable prize will be divided is this:

(User's points) / (Total points accumulated by the top 100 users) * (Monthly Variable Prize)

Note: By visiting the top 100 leaderboard page, You can determine how much the Total Points accumulated by the Top 100 Users for each month is. It has been written in bold green text at the top of the page under the "Point Leaderboard Facts".

Monthly Variable Prize Fairness Example: For example, if the total points accumulated by the top 100 users is 100,000, and the first user has accumulated 85,000, the second user 5,000 and the remaining 10,000 is almost evenly divided among the other 98 users, in this case the first place deserves to get a bigger prize than the first place fixed prize of 20% because he or she has accumulated 85% of the points and has worked much harder than the others. In this case, the first place user will get the first place fixed prize of 20% PLUS the first place variable prize of 85% (calculated based on points, which according to this month will be 85% of $200). The second place has also done more work than the other 98 users and therefore he or she will get the second place fixed prize of 12.5% PLUS the second place variable prize of 5%.

Here are some notes to remember about the top 100 leaderboard prizes:

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