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Video source error flagging

Each video on MotionEmpire contains some sources. Each source has its own streaming life and quality. At any point of time a source may be removed from the third party website that is hosting the source (or video). In order to maintain a high quality database, MotionEmpire has a "Source Flagging" system that enables all users (logged-in or non-logged-in) to flag a source and report the problem to MotionEmpire for immediate attention.

There are different possibilities for a source to be corrupt. This is a list of them:

"Video flagging" grants points to the user only when the user is logged in.

The other factor that you must consider is the value of each report. Based on the user level that you are logged in your report will have a different value (importance) to MotionEmpire's reporting system. The higher the value the more important the report will be and therefore it will have a higher checking order in the system. You can check the report value table for different user levels:

User Type Report Value Granting Points
Guests (Not logged-in) 1 None
Level 1 Users 2 25 Points
Level 2-4 Users 4 25 Points
Level 5-7 Users 8 25 Points
Admins/Moderators 16 None

You can find the "Source Flagging" button for each source directly below the video player in the "Embedded Source Navigator" mode.

Please note: if you have found an error within the page, like the video description, title, air date, a graphical error or anything not related to the actual source, use the "Page Error Reporter" to report the issue.

MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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