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The 13th Warrior

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threestars (5 Years ago) Rating:
Good movieO:-) %-(
merryJ (5 Years ago) Rating:
This is a great movie. It has lots of history and humour, and some great fight scenes.
skeets (6 Years ago) Not Rated
sativadreams (6 Years ago) Not Rated
It had some good parts. This is a difficult one to rate so I won't even attempt to, worth checking out for yourself though if you don't have anything better to watch
Sionnach (6 Years ago) Rating:
A great film. Ibn Fadlan did really exist and did document his experience with the Vikings. As a Historian and Practical Archaeologist, I find the merger of history and fantasy most enjoyable
Bamboocha (6 Years ago) Rating:
Good movie, would have rated it 4, if not for the most epic death at the end.
Villian36 (7 Years ago) Rating:
this will be an qll time classic, totally love this movie:x .. well worth watching..:-bd =D> ^:)^ >:/ b-( O:-) >:) B-) X_X :-SS 8-X :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
bionix (7 Years ago) Rating:
Good movie!
chsallie (8 Years ago) Rating:
From a Michael Crichton(Jurassic Park fame)book of same name and Crichton as Re-Director. A brooding tale of Norsemen and a conflict against the ancient foe (neanderthal?). AB is an Arab exile added to make 13. Highlights are certainly the cinematography. Plot and characterization are often weak. However good action and beautiful images. Worth a look.
stargate1000 (8 Years ago) Rating:
like movies from this time period, good one with antonio b.
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Added By: brute001
Added: 8 Years ago
Released: 1999-06-25
In AD 922, an important emissary who is banished from his homeland. The nomadic outcast comes across a band of Norse warriors who coerce him into joining them when they are summoned to fight mysterious creatures legendary for consuming every living...
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