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Doctor Who S8E1

Deep Breath - Aired 29 Days Ago

No Summary at this time.


Suits S4E6

Litt the Hell Up - Aired Yesterday

Harvey tries to end the takeover when Sean Cahill brings Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders to the SEC for questioning. Elsewhere, Louis finds a way to make a name for himself when Mike insists on playing hardball.


Switched at Birth S3E17

Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone) - Aired 3 Days Ago

John comes up with the idea of a trip to Chicago for Bay and Daphne. Bay finds out some news about Angelo's family past.


Falling Skies S4E5

Mind Wars - Aired 4 Days Ago

Tom runs into some strangers in the woods. Hal tries to lead the remaining survivors from Volm and 2nd Mass.


True Blood S7E5

Lost Cause - Aired 4 Days Ago

Eric and Pam attend a fundraising event in Dallas, whilst on the lookout for a enemy. Sookie reluctantly hosts a mainstreaming party. Andy has a important decision to make. Bill learns more about his human history.


Mythbusters S15E2

Household Disasters - Aired 7 Days Ago

The MythBusters test household myths: Could a vacuum cleaner explode while sucking up black powder? Could sunscreen scorch your skin? Could a piano crash through your roof? And finally could an exploding water heater extingui...


Hell's Kitchen (US) S12E19

4 Chefs Compete - Aired 7 Days Ago

The four finalists receive a surprise after their loved ones visit the kitchen but family time comes to an end after Gordon announces the classic 'taste it now make it challenge.'


Rookie Blue S5E8

Exit Strategy - Aired 8 Days Ago

Dov and Chris find themselves in the middle of a suspicious home invasion investigation. Soon Chris's addiction issues become apparent.


Degrassi: The Next Generation S13E37

Believe (1) - Aired 9 Days Ago

Zoe is worried about the trial and what image of her is being presented. Becky is not sure sure who to support in court.


Phineas And Ferb S4E36

300th Episode: Klimpaloon Ultimatum - Aired 17 Days Ago

Phineas and the gang help Love Handel prove the existence of Klimpaloon, the magical bathing suit that lives in the Himalayas.


Californication S7E12

Grace - Aired 25 Days Ago

Hank makes a life-altering decision. Karen tries to resolve any tension between Hank and Becca. Hank and Levon reconnect with Tara. Hank invites Julia for a special dinner.

Latest Comments

TV Shows>Wentworth>Season 02>Episode 10: Jail Birds
catlady66User Rating:
fantastic show ooooo getting realy good :-SS :-SS :-SS :-SS and wtf is that lass up to split personality or wot and bloody hell b u sure know how to pick a fight and so glad liz got to help her kid i hope it all goes ok and glad to see the gov get one over that smarmy bastard good for her :-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd
TV Shows>Doctor Who>Season 1>Episode 7: The Long Game
bill85035User Rating:
News can be manipulated.
TV Shows>The Mentalist>Season 03>Episode 4: Red Carpet Treatment
littlehuman2User Rating:
awesome ep
TV Shows>Arrow>Season 02>Episode 10: Blast Radius
GleekOncerUser Rating:
Another unexpected ending
TV Shows>Futurama>Season 07>Episode 21: Assie Come Home
clarebareUser Rating:
Now that's an ass! Awesome show! =))
TV Shows>True Blood>Season 07>Episode 5: Lost Cause
catlady66User Rating:
i agree with durtiecam i dont want to see this fantastic show end :( :( :( its such a great show :-bd :-bd :-bd they could go on for ages it will be missed so much by me an i am sure others feel the same way
TV Shows>Witches of East End>Season 02>Episode 3: The Old Man and the Key
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd :-bd :-bd :-bd love this show
TV Shows>Falling Skies>Season 04>Episode 5: Mind Wars
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd :-bd great show
TV Shows>The Simpsons>Season 22>Episode 11: Flaming Moe
clarebareUser Rating:
Love this show! Pure Genius! :)>-
TV Shows>Extant>Season 01>Episode 3: Wish You Were Here
catlady66User Rating:
:-bd good show

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