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Doctor Who S8E1

Deep Breath - Aired 24 Days Ago

The Twelfth Doctor makes his first full episode appearance. Jenna Coleman returns as companion Clara Oswald and Samuel Anderson joins the cast as Danny Pink, a teacher at Coal Hill School where Clara also works. Ben Miller (P...


Switched at Birth S3E18

It Isn't What You Think - Aired Yesterday

Bay attempts to support Tank after he meets his father for dinner. Toby causes trouble with Lily. Daphne and Travis get their admission results from Gallaudet University.


Falling Skies S4E6

Door Number Three - Aired 2 Days Ago

Tom gets back together with his family and the 2nd Mass. Lexi has a health crisis.


True Blood S7E6

Karma - Aired 2 Days Ago

Eric and Pam make a new friend. A startling discovery is made by Sookie.


Phineas And Ferb S5E13

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars - Aired 3 Days Ago

R2-D2 and Death Star plans inadvertently fall into the hands of Phineas and Ferb. Meanwhile, Perry the Rebelpus becomes trapped in carbonite when he tries to stop Darthenshmirtz from using a Sith-inator.


Mythbusters S15E3

Commercial Myths - Aired 5 Days Ago

The MythBusters go to vertigo-inducing heights to test: Could you bob for an apple when jumping from a 100-foot high bungee cord? And from a viral video, could you really play a match of tennis while both players are standing...


Hell's Kitchen (US) S12E20

Winner Chosen - Aired 5 Days Ago

The finalists face their final challenge before this year's winner is revealed.


Rookie Blue S5E9

Moving Day - Aired 6 Days Ago

vision is assigned to a community outreach program, "Moving Day," to help tenants move out of a subsidized-housing complex that's being torn down. But when Andy and Chloe discover a severely beaten man in a vacant unit, their...


Suits S4E6

Litt the Hell Up - Aired 6 Days Ago

Harvey tries to end the takeover when Sean Cahill brings Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders to the SEC for questioning. Elsewhere, Louis finds a way to make a name for himself when Mike insists on playing hardball.


Degrassi: The Next Generation S13E37

Believe (1) - Aired 14 Days Ago

Zoe is worried about the trial and what image of her is being presented. Becky is not sure sure who to support in court.


Californication S7E12

Grace - Aired 0 Days Ago

Hank makes a life-altering decision. Karen tries to resolve any tension between Hank and Becca. Hank and Levon reconnect with Tara. Hank invites Julia for a special dinner.

Latest Comments

TV Shows>Sullivan And Son>Season 01>Episode 3: The Bar Birthday
bill85035Not Rated
Very funny stuff. I am unable to add a rating, so it would be a 4 going on 5.
TV Shows>Sullivan And Son>Season 01>Episode 1: Last, Best, and Final
bill85035User Rating:
Funny stuff. :)) Inter racial jokes, in good taste. and just good humor.>:D< :-bd
TV Shows>Drop Dead Diva>Season 02>Episode 7: A Mother's Secret
bill85035User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>The Last Ship>Season 01>Episode 5: El Toro
jetlagg101User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>The Last Ship>Season 01>Episode 4: We'll Get There
jetlagg101User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>Major Crimes>Season 02>Episode 11: Poster Boy
jamieleepaulUser Rating:
ooops he wont be happy Chris told on him !
TV Shows>Big Brother (US)>Season 16>Episode 15: Episode #15 - Nominations #5 & Battle of the Block Comp #5 - Day #33
Great episode!!!
TV Shows>The Last Ship>Season 01>Episode 3: Dead Reckoning
jetlagg101User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>True Blood>Season 07>Episode 6: Karma
DaisyDeeUser Rating:
Oh My Gawd! Things are looking pretty grim for some of our favorite vampires.

You have to see this to believe it. Sarah Newlin??? (eye roll)
TV Shows>Witchblade>Season 01>Episode 2: Conundrum
bill85035User Rating:
A lot of "Flash" scenes that don't help the episode.:-?? Kind of interesting so far,:-w may get better.

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