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Haven S5E7

Nowhere Man - Aired Yesterday

A paranormal trouble tears Audrey and Nathan apart just after they were reunited.


Grimm S4E1

Thanks for the Memories - Aired Yesterday

After the events at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding, Nick is faced with losing his identity as a Grimm. Hank and Juliette join Nick as they try to figure out how to deal with Trubel as she faces the consequences of a heinous mur...


The Ellen DeGeneres Show S12E35

Sean Hayes - Aired Yesterday

Ellen is joined on the show by Neil Diamond.


The Amazing Race S25E5

Morocc' and Roll: Leg #5 - Copenhagen, Denmark Marrakech, Morocco - Aired Yesterday

On last Friday night's episode the team of Jim & Misti Raman were having a lot of problems with each task they had to complete and they told themselves they were going to finish last this leg and have to hand the Special "SAV...


The Vampire Diaries S6E4

Black Hole Sun - Aired 2 Days Ago

Damon has to look back at one of the worst day's of his life. Alaric wants to help Jeremy get his life back in order. Stefan shows Elena how to start over with a new identity.


Grey's Anatomy S11E5

Bend and Break - Aired 2 Days Ago

Arizona and Callie examine their marital problems; Richard turns to Bailey for advice.


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S16E5

Pornstar's Requiem - Aired 3 Days Ago

Evie Barnes answers a modeling ad hoping to make some cash for tuition, but the job quickly spirals into online pornography. When her classmates discover her double life, they cross the boundary between fiction and reality. E...


Survivor (US) S29E5

Blood is Blood - Aired 3 Days Ago

Last week on Survivor Drew Christy of the Hunahpu tribe told the home viewing audience in a private conversation that he wanted to start eliminating the girls on his tribe and he said that he would throw the next immunity cha...


Criminal Minds S10E4

The Itch - Aired 3 Days Ago

When a body is discovered in Atlanta covered in scratches, the BAU finds that this death and subsequent murders could be linked to an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder.


Supernatural S10E3

Soul Survivor - Aired 4 Days Ago

Sam continues his efforts to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Crowley realizes Dean's demonic antics are starting to cause problems for him in Hell so he searches out an unlikely ally--Castiel.



The San Dominick - Aired 4 Days Ago

During a training exercise for the Coast Guard and NCIS, a deceased man is spotted overboard. Gibbs ends up on a vessel taken over by pirates.

Latest Comments

TV Shows>Teen Wolf>Season 02>Episode 11: Battlefield
khadyjolie21User Rating:
Awesome episode! What's with the coach and Greenburgh? Lol
TV Shows>Project Runway (US)>Season 13>Episode 14: Finale, Part 2
Good episode. Oh dear I must admit next weeks edition is just such a negative for me.
TV Shows>The Flash>Season 01>Episode 3: Things You Can't Outrun
jetlagg101User Rating:
Good episode
TV Shows>Forever>Season 01>Episode 1: Episode 1 (Pilot)
bill85035User Rating:
Good start to this new series.:-bd I agree with the comments below and am looking forward to more episodes.
TV Shows>Teen Wolf>Season 02>Episode 10: Fury
khadyjolie21User Rating:
Ok so was he actually 24 or just really young when everything happened?
TV Shows>Teen Wolf>Season 02>Episode 9: Party Guessed
khadyjolie21User Rating:
Oh Lydia! What have you done?
TV Shows>Teen Wolf>Season 02>Episode 8: Raving
khadyjolie21User Rating:
Very cool episode. I wonder what happened to Lydia tho.
TV Shows>Teen Wolf>Season 02>Episode 7: Restraint
khadyjolie21User Rating:
The Kanima is clearly not being controlled by a ghost. OK
Asian Movies>Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead
agentsoulUser Rating:
dumb and fun!
TV Shows>Masters of Sex>Season 02>Episode 12: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
durtiecamUser Rating:
God this by far has been the best season of Masters of Sex, until next time my dear friends

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