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Hart of Dixie S3E18

Back in the Saddle Again - Aired 2 Days Ago

Zoe and Lemon seem to find some common ground and turn to each other for some much needed girlfriend advice. Wade is excited to take Vivian out for a nice night out, but when her ex-husband begins texting her, Wade becomes su...


Hell's Kitchen (US) S12E6

15 Chefs Compete - Aired 3 Days Ago

In the continuation of a heated elimination, Chef Ramsay asks each team to pick a team leader for the next dinner service. Each team strategizes station assignments, as they anxiously prepare for their first VIP guests in HEL...


The Vampire Diaries S5E18

Resident Evil - Aired 3 Days Ago

Both Stefan and Elena are suddenly having unsettling dreams of an alternate version of the life they might have had together. Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams, who warns her about frightening changes on the Other ...


Grey's Anatomy S10E20

Go It Alone - Aired 3 Days Ago

Cristina enlists Meredith to help her prepare an acceptance speech for her possible Harper Avery win and while Owen offers to attend the ceremony with her, she insists on going alone. Meanwhile, Derek feels overwhelmed betwee...


Community S5E13

Basic Sandwich - Aired 3 Days Ago

The history of Greendale's first dean is uncovered in the Season 5 finale. Meanwhile, Annie and Abed search for an abandoned computer lab; Chang becomes involved in Subway's plan to take over Greendale; and Jeff and Britta ma...


Survivor S28E8

Bag of Tricks - Aired 4 Days Ago

One of the castaways, with an eye fixed on reaching the end and winning the million, looks to remove what is perceived as the biggest threat to that win.


American Idol S13E28

6 Finalists Perform - Aired 4 Days Ago

The Top finalists take the stage in hopes of impressing the judges and winning America's vote! Tune in to see who amazes the judges and who falls flat


The Game S7E8

Mommy Dearest - Aired 5 Days Ago

Chardonnay makes plans for an extravagant vow-renewal ceremony whilst Pookie and Tasha clash.


Ncis: Los Angeles S5E21

Three Hearts - Aired 5 Days Ago

The team takes into custody an undercover agent, who is suspected of working for the smuggler he is supposed to be investigating; Kensi and Deeks discuss their relationship.


Glee S5E16

Tested - Aired 5 Days Ago

When the boys get tested for STDs, Artie tests positive for a disease and he's forced to tell his sexual partners. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine have relationship issues when Blaine puts on his "freshman fifteen"



Alleged - Aired 5 Days Ago

After a Navy officer is found dead on a rural road, the NCIS team must ascertain if the murder was the result of a bar fight or because he knew too much about an attack on a fellow female officer. Meanwhile, DiNozzo and McGee...

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Asian Movies>Si da men pai AKA The Shaolin Plot
agentsoulNot Rated
This is a pretty good martial arts movie. It features several big stars of the genre, such as Sammo Hung, James Tien, and Casanova Wong!
TV Shows>Baby Daddy>Season 01>Episode 9: A Wheeler Christmas Outing
bill85035User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>Two And A Half Men>Season 11>Episode 17: Welcome Home, Jake
bill85035User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>Last Man Standing>Season 03>Episode 20: Parenting Bud
bill85035User Rating:
Good episode.
TV Shows>Sirens (2014)>Season 01>Episode 4: Famous Last Words
bill85035Not Rated
Good episode.
TV Shows>Bones>Season 08>Episode 9: The Ghost in the Machine
bill85035User Rating:
Brennen is very smart but can not dance for s@#!.
TV Shows>Zombieland The Series>Season 01>Episode 1: Episode 1
dreamvisitorUser Rating:
That was great. I hope there will be more
TV Shows>Crisis>Season 01>Episode 5: Designated Allies
kingdagottiUser Rating:
TV Shows>Chicago Fire>Season 02>Episode 18: Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
kingdagottiUser Rating:
TV Shows>Chicago PD>Season 01>Episode 11: Turn the Light Off
kingdagottiUser Rating:

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