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The help center is designed to assist you in solving all your problems. If you have a question, we want you to find its answer as soon as possible. The help section is organized into the following categories:

Help Articles

Here you can find a collection of articles that explain the functionality and features of MotionEmpire. You can also find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to visit the forum for extended help from the MotionEmpire community.

Video PlayBack

Videos not loading at all? streaming issues and plugins
Veoh full video streaming issue (5 min preview)
Video source navigation options
Videos loading slowly, videos stop frequently

User Points

Friend referral system tutorial
The point system: How it works and how can you earn points?
How can I increase my user level? What are the privileges of each level?
What are this month's prizes for the top 100 users?
What are MotionEmpire dollars? How can I gain them?
What are the monthly competition rules and guide-lines?
What is point delay? Where are the points for my activities?

Uploading Guides

List of supporting websites for inserting links
Link hunting guide: Where can I find links for a video?
Source Quality Definer: CAM vs TS vs DVD-Rip
How to add a trailer source to a video?
Link-Hunting: How it works and what do I need to know?
Upcoming Videos: What is considered to be an "Upcoming" Video?
Uploading video images guide: Qualities & Restrictions
Project-DOS: Database of Online Sports

Site Features

The Suggestion System: How it works and what do I need to know
How to download and play videos from MotionEmpire
Video source error flagging
Page error reporter
How to create a playlist?
What is the broken videos list? where does it come from?
How can I manage my profile's All-Time Best lists?
MotionEmpire's search engine guide: videos vs. categories
Video Sources: Embed vs. Popup

Other Information

Commenting rules and guidelines
Forum rules and guidelines
MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
MotionEmpire Crown

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