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MotionEmpire's search engine guide: videos vs. categories

This article will explain various search engine features and how they can help you find what you're looking for. It is absolutely essential to start with the basic concept of "Videos" versus "Categories" (or shows) because on MotionEmpire you are searching for one of these two types of results and you cannot be efficient until you know the difference.

Category vs. Video - Example: If you are looking for the latest "South Park" episode and you happen to know the name of the episode, you need to use the "TV Show Episodes" channel limitation option to search within the TV-Show channel videos. But if you don't know the name of the episode and you just want to search for "South Park" and then find the episode by browsing south park's seasons, you need to use the "TV Shows" channel limitation to search within TV-Show categories.

There are 17 different channel limitation options to help narrow your search results. Some limit the results to videos, some to categories and the default "Movie Combo + Shows" option will search both! You can hover your mouse over each option to get more information. Here are all channel limitations organized by video/category search types:

IMDB IMDB Link Search: You are able to search for IMDB videos using the IMDB video id or IMDB URL. For example, for finding the movie Avatar (located at on IMDB) via its IMDB link, you can search for any of the following three terms:

Search for 0499549 or tt0499549 or using the search bar.

As you can see, all of the above search terms will redirect you to the Avatar movie page on MotionEmpire.

Search Engine Updating: Newly added data will be available for search once the search engine indexer runs. This process happens once every 30 minutes. So newly added videos and categories will take a maximum of half an hour to be searchable. This fact also stands for edited videos and their changes to be reflected in search results.

Special Season/Episode Search: It will be automatically triggered when a search term contains the words "episode" and "season" together. It limits the search boundary to tags only and will try to find the specific season and episode of the show you are looking for. An example use of this special search feature is "South Park Season 1 Episode 8".

MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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