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Read this before filling out the suggestion form!
MotionEmpire's suggestion form has been designed to let you inform us of a show or movie that our database might be missing. These are some valid situations to suggest a title:
  • Suggest a TV-Show or Animation Show: Since you are not able to upload shows as a user, the only way to have them added is to suggest them. Once we receive your suggestion, we will add the show and then you can upload the videos of the show.
  • Suggest a TV-Show or Animation Show Season: A TV-Show might release a new season and we might not have that season added to the show yet. In this case, in order to upload a video in the new season, you must first suggest the new season and then add the video in the appropriate place. In a situation like this you can place the MotionEmpire link of the show in the link box and in the description just write the number of the new season and a small note that can notify us of what is going on.
  • Suggest a movie that you like but cannot find: Old movies are usually hard to find on the internet. If there is a movie that you would like to see but we don't carry, then you can suggest it and we will do our best to find and add it.
And here are some cases where you should not use the suggestion form:
  • Do not suggest a video which you have the working links for: If you have the valid streaming links to a video, upload it directly instead of suggesting it.
  • Do not suggest site improvement tips: If you have a suggestion for the website, do not report it here, use the Site Suggestions section in the forum OR the Error Reporter located at the footer of the website. The suggestion form is for video content only.
Before you fill a suggestion form, make sure you have searched for the title you are about to suggest. Also, in order to make sure we do not carry the title, do an alphabetic search in the corresponding channel. For example, reorder the movies alphabetically and go over the few pages looking for you title. If not found, you may then submit your suggestion. Don't forget to loggin to earn some points for your suggestion. Click here to learn more about MotionEmpire's point system.

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MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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