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First Search IMDB for your Movie:
And then enter the IMDB Movie link here:
The IMDB Data Grabber helps you grab the Movie information that you are about to upload. It is very important to find the IMDB url for every Movie because it will be used to extract the "Cast & Crew" information as well as all the information in the following list. More than 90% of Bollywood Movies do have an IMDB link, so search for the Movie that you are looking for using the top search bar and once you found the IMDB url, enter it in the bottom bar and press the "Grab Data" button.

Video Information

*Movie Title: 100 points
DO NOT include the video release date in the title at all! Use the "Release Date" section to enter that information.
*Movie Genre: (Choose all that apply) 150 points Max*

Movie Summary: (No Spoilers!) 120 points Max*
Image URL (A link to the image):
After adding your image URL, click "Preview Image" to see the cropped version of the image. You can always change you image by adding a new URL and clicking on "Preview Image" again.
Release Date:    90 points Max*
This is the date that this Movie had first been aired or released.
Tags: 100 points Max*
Tags are keywords used to help people find videos.
Seperate tags using a comma ","
For example: funny, alien war, explosion
Movie Information Link: 100 points
A link that helps users get more info on the video.
Movie Run Time: (in minutes) 70 points
Movie MPAA Rating: 60 points  Help

Link Information

Source Language: 25 points
Source Sub-Title: 25 points
Source Quality: MANDATORY
*Video Source links: 400 points
Link of Part 1:
Link of Part 2:
Link of Part 3:
Link of Part 4:
Link of Part 5:
Link of Part 6:
Link of Part 7:
Link of Part 8:
Link of Part 9:
Link of Part 10:
Link of Part 11:
Link of Part 12:
Link of Part 13:
Link of Part 14:
Link of Part 15:
Link of Part 16:
Link of Part 17:
Link of Part 18:
Link of Part 19:
Link of Part 20:
InfoClick here if you are uploading a trailer link!
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