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The top users of each month are ranked based on MotionEmpire's point system. The point system is designed to recognize the users who contribute the most to our community and reward them for their time and effort. The general concept is that users accumulate points for each specific action on MotionEmpire. Different actions have different points based on their importance. Users can use their points to watch videos. Watching videos is the only action that will reduce a user's points. Each video will cost 1 point and each user will receive 50 points at the begining of each month. This means users can watch 50 videos per month if they choose not to contribute to the community at all. Of course, users can earn points and watch more videos. At the end of each month, users with the most points will be rewarded with M.E. Dollars (MotionEmpire Dollars). To learn more, take a look at the articles on the right hand column. Don't forget to visit the Gift Shop to checkout all the cool stuff you can buy with your M.E. Dollars!

Point System FAQ:

Here are some articles related to MotionEmpire's point system that can help you better understand some core concepts.

RAFriend referral system tutorial
RAThe point system: How it works and how can you earn points?
RAHow can I increase my user level? What are the privileges of each level?
RAWhat are this month's prizes for the top 100 users?
RAWhat are MotionEmpire dollars? How can I gain them?
RAWhat are the monthly competition rules and guide-lines?
RAWhat is point delay? Where are the points for my activities?

Still have questions? Post them on the forum to get quick answers!

June 2030 Leaderboard

July 2030 Leaderboard

Competing Users: 3
Top 100 Users Points: 51
Monthly Prize: $600.00 ($400.00 fixed & $200.00 variable)
UL Stands for User Level. It shows the level of each user ranging from 1-7. This column will also reflect the user level color code. Learn more about MotionEmpire's user levels...
TP Stands for Total Points. It shows the Total points a user has accumulated in a selected month. User points will be set to zero at the beginning of each month. Learn more about MotionEmpire's point system and how you can earn points.
PTBA Stands for Prize to be Awarded. Its the prize (in MotionEmpire dollars) that will be awarded to the top 100 users of each month *at the end of the month*. Users can spend this money in MotionEmpire's Gift Shop. The numbers that are currently being displayed *are estimates only*. The prizes for each user WILL keep changing until the last day of the month because users keep accumulating points. The final results will be determined when the month ends. Learn more about MotionEmpire's monthly prizes and how you can earn MotionEmpire dollars...
TVW Stands for Total Videos Watched. It shows the total number of videos watched by a user in the given month. Learn how many points a user will receive for watching a video.
TLU Stands for Total Link Uploads. It shows the total number of links uploaded by a user in a given month. Learn how many points a user will receive for uploading a link or a video.
APPLU Stands for Average Points Per Link Upload. This column shows the average points a user has achieved every time they uploaded a link OR a video in a given month. Video uploads will grant more points and therefore if a user uploads more videos instead of just sources, they will have a higher APPLU. Learn more about video and link uploads.
LUSR Stands for Link Upload Success Rate. This column shows a percentage that represents the success rate of a user in uploading links or videos in a given month. When a link or video is uploaded, it can either be declined or it can be missing some data which in this case the user will be granted partial points instead of full points. Learn more about video and link uploads.
TCR Stands for Total Category Requests. The TV-Shows and Animation Section of MotionEmpire is built based on shows which we like to call categories. If a new show is released or if we are missing a show, a user can fill a suggestion form to request that missing show. Our admins will add the show and then the user can upload videos in the show. This column shows how many Categories a user has suggested. Learn more about suggesting a category.
TFI Stands for Total Friend Invitation. MotionEmpire has a complete referral system which not only grants points, but also grants MotionEmpire dollars directly to user who refer visitors to MotionEmpire! This column shows the number of *unique* visitors a user has referred to MotionEmpire. Learn more about MotionEmpire's referral system.
TPC Stands for Total Posted Comments. Shows the number of comments a user has posted in a given month. Learn how many points you will receive for posting a comment.
TR Stands for Total Ratings. Shows the number of videos rated in a given month. Learn how many points you will receive for rating a video.
TFS Stands for Total Flagged Sources. This number shows the sources that have been reported dead or broken in a given month. Learn how many points you will receive for flagging a source.
TER Stands for Total Error Reports. Represents the total number of accepted error reports filled by a user in a given month. Learn how many points you will receive for an error report.
MotionEmpire community needs your and support to improve. Please Report Errors if you find any, or Suggest Movies and TV Shows that you think are missing.
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